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​Kagamiyama Farm for Aged Meat

"Yasaki Beef" and "Kyushu Craft Aged Beef"

We at Kagamiyama Farm produce two brands of aged meat.
Made from aged pasture-raised Kuroge Wagyu beef,Yasaki beef” and carefully selected aged Kuroge Wagyu beef from Kyushu.Kyushu Craft Aged Beef

Both are meat from cows that have had multiple cows. Older cows have a richer flavor because they are older.

The answer we came up with after pursuing the flavor of meat and conducting repeated research.

In recent years, with the popularity of red meat in the food and beverage industry, there is a growing recognition that ``The meat from cows that have given birth is delicious.''

By storing it at a constant temperature for a certain period of time, you can make the taste even more delicious.

This is "meat aging".

Umami increases due to an increase in amino acids due to the decomposition of proteins contained in meat.

​At Kagamiyama Farm, we perform ``dry aging'', which involves circulating air in a special chamber to adjust excess moisture in the meat and dry aging the meat.

We work every day to produce beef that we are truly satisfied with, from producing beef suitable for aging to aging.

Please spend the best and luxurious time with the best beef, aged red meat of Kuroge Wagyu beef that no one has tried before.

​About Yasaki Beef

Kagamiyama Farm is located at an altitude of 645 meters, overlooking the ria coastline of the Nippo Coast and the deep blue sea below, and the blue skies of southern Kyushu stretching overhead. Yasaki beef, whose number is limited, is grazed here and grows freely.

Cows are raised freely ``like cows.''

We believe that this is an important element that brings out the ``umami'' of Yasaki beef. By combining cows raised in the best environment and the best aging techniques, the finest Yasaki beef was born.

​About Kyushu Craft Aged Beef

Overturning the "common sense" of multiparous cows.

Up until now, meat from multi-parous cows has been traded without much modification. We carefully select mature Kuroge Wagyu beef that has been carefully raised in Kyushu, and dry-age it using Kagamiyama Farm's proprietary technology, resulting in aged meat with a rich flavor and rich aroma. Ta.

That is Kyushu Craft Aged Beef.

This product was developed based on Kagamiyama Farm's strong desire to ``enjoy the unique taste and flavor of locally aged beef at stores and homes across the country.''


​Company Profile

Kagamiyama Farm Co., Ltd.

Location: 6677-6 Kawauchina, Kitagawa-cho, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture

Tel.0982-20-3688  Fax.0982-20-3689

Pasture fattening of Kuroge Wagyu beef and production and sale of aged meat, ​ Operation of restaurant Sunny House

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