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Kuroge Wagyu beef​×natural grazing×aging=supreme lean beef

​If no one can make it, we will make it.

This is what I, Yasaki, thought.
Beef is a food that does not have a good balance between price and taste.
It's just soft and tasteless, and it's so greasy that you can't eat a lot of it.
In that case, we should choose beef that we can eat and think is really delicious.
Let's create it together with like-minded people.
In 2017, Kagamiyama Farm was born on the summit of Mt. Kagamiyama in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

Kagamiyama Ranch - Spectacular view.png
Yasaki beef that is particular about grazing

It is common sense among Kuroge Wagyu beef farmers to keep the cows in a barn with as little exercise as possible and feed them mainly grains.

Having entered the industry from an industry unrelated to livestock farming, I first had doubts about this.

When I was a child, I was taught that cows are herbivores.

If I lay down right after eating, my mother would scold me and say, ``You'll turn into a cow!''

The life I imagined for cows was one where they moved freely around the pasture, ate as much grass as they wanted, and went to sleep when their stomachs were full. The leftover beef is left to the rest.

However, in reality, a completely different breeding method is the norm, and it wasn't the one I wanted to try.

​Everything is the exact opposite of what I imagined.

What I wanted to do was ``grazing cattle''

It was later discovered that this method was extremely inefficient and unsuitable for business.

I'll do it anyway.

The reason was simple: it had the flavor of beef that I was looking for.

And the supreme ​ beef

Of course, each person's livestock farming style and food preferences are different. I have no intention of saying what is right. However, our philosophy is that ``it would be a shame if we forced animals to produce something delicious.'' We believe that "as long as cows are free to live like cows and grow happily, the deliciousness of beef itself will come out naturally."
However, individual differences naturally occur among cows that have spent their time in nature.
This is reflected in the meat, and it is very difficult to obtain a certain quality.
We have pursued the technology to turn this uneven meat into the best quality meat above a certain level.
That is the Kagamiyama Ranch method of aging.
I want cows to live freely. There may be individual differences.
After the soul is removed, we are responsible for making the beef the best it can be.
I will continue to maintain an attitude of facing the living cows and nature, and I will never forget my gratitude.
Yasaki Beef will continue to pursue the best beef without wavering from that belief.

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