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​Hometown tax

Hometown tax is a system that allows you to donate to your hometown or the local government you want to support.

​Kagamiyama Farm's aged meat is one of the hometown tax return gifts from Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture.


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This is a hometown tax payment site.


Earn Rakuten points,
​ Enjoy with Rakuten Points!

​View the Rakuten hometown tax donation website >


​You can receive Furunavi coins that can be exchanged for Amazon gift certificates, etc.!

​View the Furunavi tax payment website >


​A double advantageous site where you can get Amazon gift certificates and home appliance return items.

​View Furusato Premium website >


​ Earn miles that can be exchanged for ANA airline tickets for your donations!

​View ANA's hometown tax donation website >


​Tokyu original gift items that express the charm of the region and people are popular.

View the Furusato Palette website >


​Hometown tax payment is easy with services for Saison members!

View Saison's hometown tax donation website >


​This site is recommended for those who are considering food as return gifts.

View the Furusato Honpo website >

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