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​Kagamiyama Farm's aging concept

Generally, aged meat is characterized by molding the meat in a curing chamber to obtain its unique taste and aroma.
On the other hand, the purpose of aging at Kagamiyama Farm is to ``adjust the moisture content to bring out the flavor without allowing mold to attach that would change the original taste of the beef.''
Utilizing the outstanding skills of our craftsmen, we carefully control the ripeness of the meat depending on the part and size.
The aged meat produced at Kagamiyama Farm, which spares no effort, is the ultimate lean meat with concentrated flavor.



​About the color of aged meat

The inside of the aged meat is deep red, similar to red bean, and the surface is black.
This is the color of aged meat that we pursue.
It is not spoiled and even the black surface is safe to eat.

​This color is proof of aged meat


All for the ultimate taste

​What is the taste of aged meat?

Meat loses moisture during the aging process, and the protein is broken down, increasing the amount of amino acids and other substances that contribute to umami flavor.The amount isIt is said that the amount of meat is several times that of regular meat.There is a scientifically proven reason why aged meat is said to be delicious.

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